From Family Business to Franchise: How Enjoy Your Party is Honoring its Family Roots while Expanding Through Franchising

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From Family Business to Franchise: How Enjoy Your Party is Honoring its Family Roots while Expanding Through Franchising
From Family Business to Franchise: How Enjoy Your Party is Honoring its Family Roots while Expanding Through Franchising
A passion for Enjoy Your Party runs in the Morlando family.

When Enjoy Your Party first opened its doors for business in 1996, founder Rosanna Morlando never could have imagined that it would experience the level of success it’s achieving today as an emerging franchise concept. She started the business out of her home in order to provide for her two young children, and soon found that she had tapped into something completely unique. Now, with more than 450 employees currently working under its umbrella, it’s clear that Morlando’s vision for the Enjoy Your Party brand is taking off in communities across the East Coast.

“At first, it was just a part-time business where I could work on the weekends,” said Rosanna, as she reflected on the growth of Enjoy Your Party. “It evolved into something I never would have imagined.”

Today, Enjoy Your Party is known for being the food service staffing agency to beat. But even as it continues to grow, the brand hasn’t lost sight of its family values. In fact, the Morlando family works together to move the brand forward. Rosanna is still involved with the brand’s operations—she oversees its activity to make sure that things are running smoothly. Her husband, Patrick, is also involved with Enjoy Your Party. After leaving his full-time job when the concept first took off, he now works as the brand’s director of franchise operations.

The Morlandos’ passion for Enjoy Your Party is also evident across generations. Rosanna and Patrick’s children—Maria and Joe—also work for the brand. Joe joined the brand this spring after graduating college, and now serves as its logistics manager. Maria, on the other hand, is Enjoy Your Party’s director of training and development.

“Growing up, everyone always asked me if I was going to take over the Enjoy Your Party business from my mom. At first, my answer was always ‘no’—I even went to college to get all of the certifications that I need to be a teacher and start a different career. But after graduating in the winter, I decided to work in the Enjoy Your Party office throughout the spring until the start of a new school year. That’s when I realized that I had the unique opportunity to take my degree and apply it to what we do here, and I created an entire employee training program from scratch,” said Maria. “Once I fully understand the opportunity that I had with Enjoy Your Party, I knew I had to stay. Plus, working together as a family isn’t something that a lot of people have the chance to do, and I love it.”

As Enjoy Your Party breaks into the franchising industry and begins to open up its doors in new communities across the country, that family feel isn’t something that it’s planning to lose. Instead, every franchisee and employee who joins its system will become a new member of the brand’s growing family. And according to Patrick, that welcoming environment will be a strong competitive advantage that helps fuel Enjoy Your Party’s growth.  

“We want to create a franchise system that people want to be a part of. By ensuring that we provide our local owners with not just a proven business model, but also a friendly and fun environment, we’re confident that goal will become a reality,” said Patrick. “Enjoy Your Party began as a family business, and we’re not losing that element of our DNA anytime soon. Franchisees who sign on board to open up their own location will join the growing Enjoy Your Party family, and we’re confident that our concept combined with their passion will lead to success.”